Maternity Photography

The way you see your pregnant body would change after a session with me !

My Style: Glamour+Emotions

I love to show expecting mothers from a glamorous angle, highlighting emotions at the same time.

Making you look Glamorous:

I understand pregnancy may do some temporary damage to the skin like dark circles or stretch marks, but don' worry about. My makeup artist will take care for most of the issues and rest will be post processed so that the focus is only on your beauty and emotions. Makeup & Hairstyling is to give a natural yet a groomed look. The clothes and set up is to add the glamour. I do have some of my own fabrics and dresses which are extremely elegant. We can together select outfits from your & my collection depending on what would suit you the best. We would have a pre shoot meeting to discuss the outfits etc.

Involvement of Dad:

I like to get Dads involved in the shoot as well. And there are my own ways to do that;). your comfort - is of utmost importance. I understand pregnancy takes a toll on your energy levels. You may need to be fed constantly with stuff that you like. I will ensure that there is ample supply of food drinks etc during the shoot and you get the breaks you need

Kids Photography:

Please don't wait, just go ahead & get it done, you kids are really worth it. My style varies depending on the age & gender of child.

Newborn Photography - 1 year

This is the best time to shoot babies, as they are most innocent & god like:) I create 'Fantasy Land Concepts' , where the kid's natural beauty & innocence is exaggerated with the use of handmade props, accessories & set ups. My images are simple yet impactful . They are meant to make you feel as if the kid is a heavenly creature, a miracle that is so special. Typically the shoots are indoors, and it can be done at your home as well. I can carry my equipments and props at your place and do the shoot. this requires just a 4ft X5ft space. Typically I use my own baby wraps/headbands etc., but you are most welcome to provide me outfits that you would specifically want images to be shot in. Parent's shots: I do take family shots at request or depending on the package you have chosen. Above 1 year I capture the kid in action and interact a lot with the kid to keep him/her engaged. I have never had a kid on the shoot who has not enjoyed the session & specifically the props. I would discuss the outfits with you in advance so that we complete the shoot quickly, without losing interest of the kid. I definitely have outdoors/park/garden as one of my locations for shoot. I can do only outdoors or complement it with studio. Parent's shots: I do take family shots at request or depending on the package you have chosen.

Model Portfolios

I spend most of my time in ensuring great makeup, hairstyling & looks for the model along with a great location. Photography just happens:). I like picking up interesting look for the model &intriguing locations for my shoot so that the images stand out in the crowd.